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Jamaican4Life (J4L) is a Non-profit Organization whose primary goal is to raise funds to help support our charity project in Jamaica. J4L is committed to community service while creating a culture to benefit the ethical standards of healthcare. We promise to serve a viable resource to assist in improving the health care sector in Jamaica. Our assistance will be in form of charitable donations that will aid in providing resources for medical needs..

 About Us


Jamaican4Life (J4L) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that was founded in the summer of 2013, and became officially registered under the State of Illinois as a non-for-profit organization in February of 2014. The Organization was created with 19 Core Members who also serves as the Board of Directors.


The idea to form the committee came about after a group of Jamaican friends got together for a summer function. Our discussion led to talking about personal experiences with the healthcare system in Jamaica, it became crystal clear how we take the basic stuff for granted here in the United States. The discussion was emotional on how limited the healthcare resources were especially for those in rural areas in Jamaica. We talked about how we could help with just some basic donations. We decided to create a group that would solicit medical supplies that can be donated to the less prominent areas in Jamaica (Clinics, Infirmaries, Nursing Homes, Medical Centers, and Hospitals etc.)


Jamaican4Life (J4L) Organization aims to empower the Healthcare Industry in Jamaica and assist with local charities in the Midwest Region of the United States. J4L will work with individuals, Corporation, and Organization towards obtaining donation of medical supplies and monetary fund to aid in our goal. J4L is committed to continue to strive toward expanding our programs and offerings within our vision focused communities. .